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Female entrepreneurship

ACT4Growth is a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) proposing four specific policy interventions to increase female entrepreneurship in the European Union as a strategy for economic growth. By signing you call on the Commission to enact policies that will boost Europe’s economy. Ultimately, female entrepreneurship is not a gender issue—it’s an ECONOMIC IMPERATIVE!

ACT4Growth has 4 concrete proposals for policy intervention to develop female entrepreneurship and support sustainable growth in Europe.
  1. Create an office of European Women's Business Ownership within the Ministry of Economy.
  2. Appoint a Women’s Enterprise Director
  3. Collect data, produce annual policy and research updates
  4. Enforce current gender equality legislation

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About Us

56 members from 27 member states make up our organizing committee. You can find the full list here:DOWNLOAD PDF

The defining and unique aspect of any ECI is that each initiative ultimately comes from the people—meaning you! As soon as you sign, you become an integral part of the movement to call the Commission to action. So who are we?
We are the educator, the entrepreneur, the student, and all who believe that female entrepreneurship is indeed an economic imperative for EU growth. We are YOU!

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An economy which recognises female entrepreneurs enhances growth and strengthens development, where ever it is in the world. The ECI was designed for legislation in Europe - but our friends in other countries want their Governments to empower female entrepreneurs too. So we are collecting signatures from non-member states to inform their governments.

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For more information please contact us at: For Press Enquiries please email
If you want to contribute to creating jobs, growth and sustainability then please sign Act4Growth and share the site and links with your friends and communities.


A special thanks to our partners who support women entrepreneurs!

Download EESC opinion on Female Entrepreneurship :